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Catholic Priests Who Become Non-Catholic Ministers

Q: Recently, a Catholic priest in our area left to become “pastor” of an Episcopal church.  If we assume for a moment that the Episcopal liturgy contains the valid words of Institution, and if we assume that valid matter was … Continue reading

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Canon Law and Consecrating the Eucharist

Q:  Is it permitted for a priest who notices he did not consecrate enough Hosts to step to the side, with another paten of unconsecrated hosts, and perform a second consecration of just those hosts (not also consecrating wine a … Continue reading

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Can Priests Hold Public Office?

Q: Aren’t priests forbidden to hold political office? I thought they were, but then I read that the government of Libya nominated a Catholic priest to be their Ambassador to the United Nations! How is a priest allowed to hold … Continue reading

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Can All Priests Always Hear Confessions?

Q: My late uncle was a Dominican priest. When we were kids he used to tell us stories about being a Dominican. I remember one story involving somebody who asked him to hear his confession, but my uncle told him … Continue reading

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Celibacy and the Priesthood

Q: If Catholic priests have to embrace celibacy, how is it possible for married converts from the Episcopal church to be ordained Catholic priests? This doesn’t make any sense to me.  –Phil A: Phil is referencing the Apostolic Constitution signed … Continue reading

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