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Is Nepotism Still an Issue in the Church?

Q: In the medieval and renaissance periods, the Church had many problems with nepotism.  We hear nothing about this issue any more, but I’m wondering whether this is still a potential problem, at least in theory.  Are there canons which … Continue reading

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When Will the Conclave Start? Pope Benedict’s Final Legislative Act

Q: I read the article “Canon Law and the Upcoming Conclave” and it was really helpful, but I have another question now.  The 15-day rule has now been revised by Pope Benedict, correct?  If so, has he given a specific … Continue reading

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A Brief Note about Papal Resignation

Dear Readers, Those of us in Rome were no less stunned than the rest of the world by the Pope’s announcement yesterday.  Nobody saw it coming!  It was, therefore, a cruel coincidence that “Can a Pope Ever Resign?” was published … Continue reading

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Can a Pope be Removed from Office?

Q: In a recent piece you explained that the Pope can resign if he chooses.  To me that raises another question: What would happen if a Pope became so mentally debilitated that he didn’t know what he was doing?  It … Continue reading

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Can a Pope Ever Resign?

Q:  I read in a news article that Pope Benedict said he would resign, if he reached the point where he couldn’t physically handle being Pope any longer.  Is that even possible?  Can a Pope ever resign?  —Scott A:  It’s … Continue reading

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