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How Many Miracles are Required to Canonize a Saint?

Q: How many miracles are required before somebody can be canonized a saint?  I thought that you needed three.  But now the Pope has announced that John Paul II will be canonized after only two miracles, and John XXIII with … Continue reading

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Is Nepotism Still an Issue in the Church?

Q: In the medieval and renaissance periods, the Church had many problems with nepotism.  We hear nothing about this issue any more, but I’m wondering whether this is still a potential problem, at least in theory.  Are there canons which … Continue reading

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Canon Law and Two Popes

Q1: Could you please outline the canonical problems inherent in the fact that now we have two living Popes?  –Rhonda Q2:  Considering that all priests and bishops must belong to a diocese or religious order, my question would be this: … Continue reading

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Why is Cardinal Mahony Voting in the Conclave?

Q:  Could you please comment on the assertions by Cardinal Mahony [of Los Angeles, California] that he is required to participate in the upcoming conclave?  Many Catholics are grouping to protest his participation.  –Douglas A:  Douglas is referring to the … Continue reading

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When Will the Conclave Start? Pope Benedict’s Final Legislative Act

Q: I read the article “Canon Law and the Upcoming Conclave” and it was really helpful, but I have another question now.  The 15-day rule has now been revised by Pope Benedict, correct?  If so, has he given a specific … Continue reading

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