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Excommunication and the Authority of the Parish Priest

Q: What course do parishioners have to ask the bishop to correct, reprimand or otherwise relocate a priest who refuses to baptize children of parents that he doesn’t “recognize” as parishioners, even though they are on the parish roll?  He … Continue reading

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Canon Law and Non-Infant Baptism

Q: My neighbors are Catholics who didn’t practice the faith for years, but now they are returning to the Church.  Their children were never baptized, so they went to the parish priest to arrange for their baptism.  But he refused, … Continue reading

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Can a Baby be Baptized Against the Parents’ Wishes?

This column was already written, and set for publication, before Pope Benedict’s resignation announcement on Monday.  The next column–to be published a week from today, hopefully–will address issues pertaining to the upcoming conclave. Q:   Some Jewish people in my city complained to … Continue reading

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Who Can Conduct an Exorcism?

Q: I thought every Catholic priest could act as an exorcist if he has to, by virtue of his ordination to the priesthood. But our assistant pastor told me recently that that’s not true, because he is not able to … Continue reading

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Do Catholic Children Have to be Given Saints’ Names?

Q: My wife and I both remember as children that when our siblings were born, our parents had to give them a saint’s name. If their first name wasn’t a saint’s name, at least their middle name had to be. … Continue reading

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