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Fertility and Marriage Validity

Q:  If God established marriage for the procreation of children, does it affect the validity of a marriage if one spouse is infertile?  What if you know for sure that you can’t have children, can you get married in the … Continue reading

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Canon Law and Fraudulent Marriages

Q:  My fiancée and I attended a marriage-prep class in our diocese, and one of the speakers said something we didn’t fully understand.  First he urged us to be open and honest with each other about our past lives, not … Continue reading

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Can We Have Both a Priest and a Non-Catholic Minister at our Wedding?

Q1: I’m Catholic and my fiancé is from a devout Lutheran family.  They weren’t too pleased when I told them our wedding has to take place in a Catholic church….  Is it permissible for us under canon law to have … Continue reading

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Can a Catholic Ever Elope?

Q:  What does canon law say about Catholics eloping?  I understand the issue from the perspective of the  sacramental theology of the Church, but was wondering if canon law had anything to say about it. –David A:  When we speak … Continue reading

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Canon Law and Consummating a Marriage

Q:  Could you please explain what ratum sed non consummatum means with respect to marriage?  I always thought that this was an antiquated term that no longer had any relevance, but recently I encountered it [in a current context]…  Why … Continue reading

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