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Repost: Confession and General Absolution

(The following column was originally posted some time ago–but recent email-queries indicate that this problem is unfortunately still with us, particularly before Christmas. Consequently, it seems worthwhile to address this issue once again. A blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to all readers!) Q: Last year, … Continue reading

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What Are the Church’s Current Rules on Indulgences?

Q: While watching live the election of the new Pope, the commentator mentioned that those receiving the Urbi et Orbi blessing could receive a plenary indulgence. My daughter was watching internet “live-streaming,” and my wife and I were watching on TV. My … Continue reading

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What Does the Church Really Say About Cremation?

Q: We would like to spread my husband’s grandparents remains and I would like to arrange to have their ashes blessed.  Do you have a suggestion for making arrangements? –Kristine A:  Very few Catholics today understand what the Church teaches about … Continue reading

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Catholics in Non-Sacramental Marriages

Q1: I plan to marry a Catholic, who just got a divorce. An annulment of his marriage could take two years or more, which at my age is not a course I want to take…  Since I am not baptized, … Continue reading

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Can a Deacon Ever Get Married?

Q: Can a deacon get married? –Nicole A: This is a simple-sounding question, with an answer that is more involved than one might think! As was seen in “What Can (and Can’t) a Deacon Do?” we have to bear in … Continue reading

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