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Canon Law and a Convent of Rebellious Sisters

Q:  Several decades ago a new order of sisters was founded in our diocese.  They help us parish priests by teaching the children and also by catechizing the adults. But in recent years they have gone out of control.  By … Continue reading

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Can a Bishop Expel a Sister from his Diocese?

Q:  There’s a battle going on in our diocese, between our bishop and a group of sisters who teach in X school….  Does the bishop have the authority to kick a sister out of the diocese, if her Mother Superior … Continue reading

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Is Nepotism Still an Issue in the Church?

Q: In the medieval and renaissance periods, the Church had many problems with nepotism.  We hear nothing about this issue any more, but I’m wondering whether this is still a potential problem, at least in theory.  Are there canons which … Continue reading

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Can a Pope Ever Resign?

Q:  I read in a news article that Pope Benedict said he would resign, if he reached the point where he couldn’t physically handle being Pope any longer.  Is that even possible?  Can a Pope ever resign?  —Scott A:  It’s … Continue reading

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Can the Bishop Shut Down a Shrine?

Q:  Some years ago, a man in my diocese built a Catholic shrine, and it was visited by many Catholics. But the bishop ordered it to be shut down, and said that it was not a shrine and that Catholics … Continue reading

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